I’m an entrepreneur, physician and financial blogger and I absolutely love all things personal finance. I can’t stop talking about it and I’ve given all of my family and friends advice on it whether they liked it or not, that they eventually said - enough, go write it on a blog or something. So here I am!

When I was younger, growing wealth and finances had never crossed my mind because I was just a broke college/grad student and didn't feel comfortable talking about money (which shouldn't be the case because we can all contribute to a RothIRA anytime). But I've learned taking control of your finances is actually empowering, the true path to freedom to live our ideal lives, and to create generational wealth.

My posts focus on real ways to actually save and invest, well-researched financial topics on investing and leverage, fun topics I want to know about but don't find anywhere else on the web, and much more.

I’m so glad you are visiting, I feel honored, and I hope I can give you some great insight on personal finance. Happy Planning!


[The formal bio for those who prefer more seriousness!]

Dr. Dewan Farhana, DO is a tech entrepreneur, thought leader on health care technology, and advocate of financial literacy. She studied cell biology and neuroscience at Rutgers University, conducted basic sciences research at Yale Medical School and Keck Neuroscience Center, and earned her medical degree from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine. She founded Betternest, a software tech startup that connects users to digital and physical organization services to create functional spaces that improve quality of life. As the CEO of Betternest, she raised venture funding from angel investors and Rutgers Business School. Dewan was selected as a NPR “How I Built This” Fellow, received many leadership accolades and was featured in news media including Martha Stewart, Romper and Doximity. She also founded and sits on the board of the Human Dignity Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on the upward mobility of impoverished individuals worldwide. As a first-generation college graduate who rose to success through much travail, Dewan is a strong advocate of financial literacy and broad-based investing strategies to achieve financial freedom. She believes financial literacy is a basic right that should be taught in childhood so that every individual has more choices and the ability to fully experience life. She posts about these and other topics on doctorsfinances.com.

Email contact: doctorfinances.media@gmail.com