While homeschooling my son during the pandemic, I realized there was no good or fun information on financial literacy for kids (I looked through everything BrainQuest, Kumon, Scholastic, etc), and so since I already write about personal finance, I decided to create a workbook for kids 3-7 years old!

85% of the brain is formed by age 3, and this sets the foundation for all future learning. While kids learn about cars, dolls, buying toys and so much more from a very young age, most standard curriculums don't cover financial literacy. As with all good habits, good financial mindsets are learned early in life! Hence, after months of creating, designing, and working closely with two graphic designers, I have finally launched the first Kids Financial Workbook!

I'm also proud to say that all of the characters in the worksheets are diverse and the play bills have women and people of color! The worksheets are super fun, colorful and include activities such as cutting, coloring, tracing, goal-setting, index-fund-learning and much more!

It's available now on Etsy with 30% off for the Launch - New Year sale!

As always, thank you for your support! <3