Hello everyone, if you have been following me on social media, listening to me on Clubhouse, or watched me on The White Coat Investor Conference 2021, Physician L&G Summit or BofNY, I'd love to invite you to pre-register for the Doctor Finances course.

I'm excited to launch my financial course to you give the complete A-Z breakdown on how to reach financial independence. As I get started on creating the course, I would like to extend the offer of pre-registration as a founding member, which means you get the lowest-cost the course will ever be for supporting me early, lifetime membership to the Doctor Finances community and updated course material, and many other free tools and information on finances.

Important topics I plan to address in the course that are the blueprint to financial independence:

1. Money Mindset and mental organization
-How to mentally approach and devise pathway to financial freedom
2. Physical organization and getting started
-How to physically set yourself up for a clear and organized pathway to financial independence
3. Budgeting
4. Emergency Funds
5. Debt pay-off/Loan refinancing
6. Defense finances to protect your assets:
-Term life and disability insurances
-Estate planning
-Umbrella, home, car, renters insurances
7. Offense finances to grow your net-worth:
-Tax-advantaged accounts: 401K, 403B, RothIRA, HSA
-Taxable brokerage accounts: Vanguard, Wealthfront
8. Kids financial education and 529/UTMA accounts

+Lifetime access to course, course upgrades and new materials

+2 Group coaching sessions

+BONUS: Best-selling Kids Financial Workbook will be included

If you would like to join, please sign up below. I plan for the complete course to be priced $1997 but right now the pre-registration price is only $297.


What customers have said about my financial products:

"I do a lot of work around financial literacy in a professional capacity and this looks great. Well done!" - Julie K. via FB group"

"Dewan has been a guiding force in helping us handle our finances and has helped my family save over $1M through various financial strategies." -Dr. Fahima, Rheumatologist

"I highly recommend this workbook! It is a very creative and entertaining method for kids to learn essential financial skills. One of the best parts of these colorful worksheets is that we can use them again for future reference since the knowledge from it is valuable to always remember. This workbook is a gift that just keeps giving and I am so glad I made the purchase!" -Samantha via Etsy

"I just ordered this! My husband has been talking about wanting to teach financial skills for months. I really could have benefitted from something like this [early]." -Sarah M. via FB Group


My true hope is that this small investment in the bigger picture, will ultimately help you become a millionaire, on the path to financial independence and give you the ability to fully experience life on your terms. And I will do my very best to guide you in this path.

Thank you for your support. Please register here: