What is the biggest fear with investing? OMG, I'm going to lose all of my money!!!

?That's what I always thought too - it's risky and it's for investment bankers and hedge fund managers. Soooo I'll be over here using my checking account and saving - KThanksBye! But you have to push yourself to dig a little deeper and see what I'm talking about. That there is a way to invest for the average person who can also CHOOSE the risk level depending on their age and grow their wealth. Just savings will not help you reach your retirement or financial independence goals because you need to EXPEDITE the savings using compound interest. Your savings cannot outdo the compounding effect of the market (well maybe if you are Jeff Bezos etc - but you better have intergenerational wealth, product market fit, exponential growth of your company??) BUT I'm talking about the regular folks, all of us that just want to have options and freedom to do what we love.

?And so if you really think about it, the stock market ups and downs shouldn't scare you. I realized it follows the trajectory of all major things including life itself and parenting. There are high highs and low lows. However, ultimately things go upwards, just like the market historically has. This is why we choose to live optimistically, be a parent even though it's insanely hard, and invest to grow wealth.