How powerful is compound interest and investing? Very powerful!⚡

?One of my popular posts was one where many people were shocked to learn that by just saving $27.40 a day, they can save $10,000 a year! But what's even more shocking is that if you invest that $10K for the long-term in index funds, it will net you millions.

?I kept this calculation conservative at 6% and in tax-advantage accounts such as 401K, Roth IRA and HSA accounts. However, if you did the math with a growth of 8% (which is what the market has historically shown to perform since 1957 with the start of the full 500 companies in the S&P500), your net worth would be 2.5M in tax-advantaged accounts and 1.4M in taxable accounts.

?‍♀️So start with saving $27.40 a day, and start today!